Our Hunts

A typical day of hunting with Mountain Creek Outfitters consists of an early morning start with a hardy breakfast prepared by our cook. You will then grab a lunch and a hot thermos of coffee, tea or hot chocolate and get ready to go on stand.

Virtually all our stands are enclosed either elevated tripods or ground blinds. Baiting is legal in Saskatchewan and I use barley and second cut alfalfa at my baited locations.

Depending on which stand and conditions you will depart camp on an atv or in a pickup. Some stand sites are accessible by pickup and some will be a combination of pickup and atv. The closest stands will be only minutes away and some are as far as 20 miles away.

We will do a midday check with radios. Some hunters choose to hunt all day while others hunt from morning to mid-afternoon. Whenever you choose to come in there will be a warm wood fire burning to warm you up followed by a home cooked meal.

Your trophy will be skinned the head caped and antlers cut off however you like by myself or other guides. If you are transporting your meat home it can be deboned for transport.

For the days when you are tagged out and still in camp you can just relax or ride around with us baiting, scouting and trapping.

We will do our best to make this a great holiday not only a great hunting trip.